Glen L. Urban

Glen Urban concentrates on the fascinating area of trust-based marketing on the Internet. How trust is built on a web site, how site design can maximize sales and trust, and how a trust-based marketing system could provide an alternative to the "push" type of marketing commonly observed, are just a few of the facets that Urban explores. His current research focuses on customer advocacy. His new Theory A aligns the firm as a representative of the customers needs and leads to transparency, unbiased advice, trusted advisors, and best products. Recent research concentrates on morphing a Web site to fit individual cognitive and cultural style. This is being generalized as a 'prospective meta-analysis of cloud-enabled consumers.'

General Expertise: Internet strategy, entrepreneurship/new ventures, Internet applications, marketing, trust-based marketing, new product development, web and advertising morphing

Office: E62-536
Tel: 617-253-6615