glen l. urban

David Austin Professor of Marketing

Glen Urban concentrates on the fascinating area of trust-based marketing on the Internet. How trust is built on a web site, how site design can maximize sales and trust, and how a trust-based marketing system could provide an alternative to the "push" type of marketing commonly observed, are just a few of the facets that Urban explores. His research focuses on customer advocacy. His new Theory A aligns the firm as a representative of the customers needs and leads to transparency, unbiased advice, trusted advisors, and best products. Recent research concentrates on morphing a Web site to fit individual cognitive and cultural style. This is being generalized as a 'prospective meta-analysis of cloud-enabled consumers.' Most current research projects are: 1. Learning the effects of story telling in social media on brand performance and 2. The use of deep learning on big data to identify opportunities for new products, 3. Use of morphing algorithms for adaptive testing of vaccines in stage 3 of evaluation.

General Expertise: internet strategy, entrepreneurship/new ventures, internet applications, marketing, trust-based marketing, new product development, web and advertising morphing, marketing analytics, deep learning

Office: E62-536
TEL: 617-253-6615
Link: MIT Sloan Faculty Page