Prof. Urban is available for consulting on new product forecasting, information acceleration, growth strategy, internet site design, trust based marketing, virtual advisors, customer advocacy, morphing communications to fit individual cognitive styles, and national strategies for innovation in developing economies.

  • Marketing Strategy: especially trust and customer advocacy, building consideration, CRM
  • Advertising Morphing and Targeting: presenting information in the cognitive style of the consumer
  • App Marketing: utilizing mobile platform products to develop trust
  • Website Morphing: trust cues, virtual advisors, and morphing to fit customer cognitive and cultural style
  • New Products: pre-market forecasting, Information Acceleration, and Listening In for unmet customer needs
  • Marketing and Technology: Combining marketing and technology, technology/marketing interface in developing economies
  • New and Old Media: budgeting and allocation
  • Marketing Analytics: deep learning applications


Company Link: Hyper Morphing Technologies


With two other researchers, Urban founded Management Decision Systems, Inc., a marketing consulting firm that merged with Information Resources, Inc. In 1985, he also co-founded Management Science for Health and its spin-off John Snow, Inc., both consulting firms specializing in international health care and family planning that have grown to several thousand employees worldwide. In addition, he co-founded along with academic colleagues several other marketing software companies that implemented published MIT research results in companies (Marketing Technology Interface, Insight Marketing Technology, My Personal Advocate, and Hypermorphing Technology)